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Since you are visiting us, it is safe to assume that you are on your way to becoming a CNA.  Congratulations on a wise choice!  Careers in nursing constantly rank among the best career choices in the United States and abroad.

In the current economy, we see a trend of people changing careers. Some choose to go back to school for a few extra years in order to get into a new profession.  Others look for jobs requiring minimum or no qualifications.  Still others, just like you, are smart enough to look into new professions that require a limited amount of extra education.  This is the case with CNA training, which in most cases only requires 2-6 weeks to complete.  Yet, upon successful completion of training, it immediately puts you above the crowd that carries no nurse aide certificate.

For many students Certified Nurse Assistant is the first step to becoming a Registered Nurse or a Nurse Practitioner.  Whatever your career goal is, you can rest assured that this rewarding field will provide you with satisfaction and multiple benefits for the years to come.

We know that there is plenty of information available online about how to become a CNA and what types of CNA classes are available.  However, most of the information out there is not organized in an easy to understand manner.  We will present you with the  information you need to make a wise choice when it comes to your career as a Certified Nurse Assistant.

How to become a CNA

Before you enter a formal training program, you should decide whether this career type is right for you.  Being a nursing assistant is a demanding job that is not right for everyone.  Therefore, ask yourself if helping others is something that you enjoy?  Would you be comfortable with situations where you must invade the patient’s privacy in order to perform your work?  Would long hours and night shifts be something that you would be able to handle?

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